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Horizon Titan XP90 Dehumidifier

When it comes to the best crawl space dehumidifiers, there is one brand that rises to the top of the competition. Call 717-940-9029 for complete information on the Horizon Titan XP90 Dehumidifier.

Horizon crawl space dehumidifiers are made by Air Cleaning Equipment Company in Broadway, NC. You can purchase the Horizon Titan XP90 dehumidifier here.

Call 717-940-9029 to order the Horizon Titan XP90 dehumidifier for only $1279.00
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Horizon Titan XP90 Dehumidifier

For more info on the Horizon Titan XP90 Dehumidifier, call Jim Raifsnider at 717-940-9029. We’ll be sure to answer all of your questions, and get you the best whole house, or best crawl space dehumidifiers on the market today.

Horizon Titan is among the best crawl space dehumidifiers, offer features that other brands fall way short in comparison. First with it’s 15,000 SF capacity, it can handle even the largest of crawl space scenarios. It consumes only 5.5 amps, which is far less than it’s competition. Horizon crawl space dehumidifiers have hot gas bypass, which insures low temperature operation without any worry of freeze up issues down to 33 degrees. Try that with any other dehumidifier.

Many crawl space dehumidifiers fall short when it comes to air circulation, the Horizon Titan boasts an impressive 370 CFM, which is crucial when it comes to lowering humidity.

The Horizon Titan crawl space dehumidifiers operate very quietly at approximately 58 decibels. Other features include a reusable filter, so there are no costly filters to replace, ergonomic handles, to insure easy installation, an update fan motor, and digital humidity readings, to name a few.

Horizon Titan crawl space dehumidifiers are rugged, efficient, and provide years of reliable operation.

How  the best crawl space dehumidifiers work.

Humidity is a two fold issue. First, there is ambient humidity. That is simply the humidity that is being held in the air. Second, is latent humidity. This is moisture which is trapped in wood, floor joist, sub-flooring, insulation, drywall, carpeting etc…

For an effective best crawl space dehumidifiers to work, the first thing that has to be handled is the ambient humidity. We recommend that exterior crawl space vents be sealed, to prohibit outside from being drawn into the crawl space. Once this is under control, it is not until then that the latent humidity can be released into the air, and truly begin the drying process of the crawl space.

For more information and best pricing on the Horizon Titan XP90 dehumidifier, call Jim Raifsnider at 717-940-9029 today.

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